Boxing Machinery&Peashinn——Expert of Woven Bag Machinery

Boxing Machinery was established in 2011 and specializes in manufacturing machinery for the post-production process of PP woven bags, including Hemming Machines ,Liner Inserting Machines,Cutting & Sewing Machines,Lamination Machines and more.

Boxing machinery is equipped with the most advanced Hemming technology in China, with a hemming 18-22 bags/per min. The fully hemming technology will be accomplished within 2024.According to our export data for 2023, our total export revenue reached $ 5 million in 2023, particularly with a rapid growth in the South American market. And our market share in Brazil has already exceeded 90%. The regions of Southeast Asia and Mid South America are supported by our dedicated after-sales service team and local agents, ensuring prompt and efficient on-site assistance for you.

Peashinn is our brother factory, specializing in manufacturing printing machines. Established in 2004, Peashinn Engineering Company has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional quality and performance. For further information, please visit:

Our two factories have been exporting PP woven bag machines for over 20 years, establishing ourselves as one of the leading players in this industry. So far,we have sold more than 1000 sets of machines to over 40 countries worldwide,with a strong customer base primarily located in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, CIS, Oceania and other regions.

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Our service

We have a professional technology team. Including Machine Installation and After-Sales Service. When machine arrive your factory. Our technology team will come to your place to provide a technology service. And we also have our local technology team in other country. Now we have a team in Vietnam and Thailand.And it’s cover all East-South Asia.

We have warrenty to the machine for quality ensure. To dispel your concerns about quality. Any issue for the machine during warrenty time. We will provide the very quickly service for after-sales.

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