BX-367 High Speed Automatic Refueling Sewing Machine for Jumbo Bag

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This machine is the latest sewing machine developed by our company after years of summarizing the sewing process in the jumbo bag market, specifically targeting the sewing production needs of jumbo bags. In response to the production needs of the jumbo bag industry, a professional system design has been carried out for this product, which is suitable for sewing extremely thick, medium thick, and thinner jumbo bags. When the seam thickness is reached, the needle does not jump, and when the seam thickness is thin, it does not wrinkle.

It adopts a connecting rod for thread picking and a super large rotary hook for thread hooking, forming a single needle double line lock stitch. The use of a five fold rotary hook greatly reduces production noise. At the same time, it adopts a fully sealed oil pump for automatic refueling, with a maximum sewing speed of 1600 revolutions per minute. The excellent oil supply system and advanced structural design enable the ZQ367 sewing machine to operate stably at high speed. The workspace has reached 420 × 210mm can basically meet the needs of the vast majority of container bag production in China. The structural join parts adopt the latest international design scheme, which greatly reduces the wear degree of the parts, thus greatly reducing the use of vulnerable parts. The front panel adopts a fully sealed design, thereby reducing the occurrence of Jumbo Bag pollution caused by oil pollution.

This machine is currently one of the most advanced sewing equipment in the production process of Jumbo Bag in China, integrating high speed, large needle pitch, automatic refueling, and large operating space. It is an ideal choice for achieving the goal of high speed and high quality in Jumbo Bag sewing.




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