BX-CIS750 PE Film Liner Inserting&Cutting&Sewing Machine For Woven Bag

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Item Parameter
Fabric Width 350-700mm
Max Diameter of Fabric 1200mm
PE Film Width PE +20mm(PE Film Width Bigger)
PE Film Thickness PE ≥0.01mm
Cutting Length of Fabric 600-1200mm
Cutting Accuracy ±1.5mm
Stitch Range 7-12mm
Production Speed 22-38pcs/min
Mechanical Speed 45 pcs/min
Machine Feature
1. Suitable for non-laminated or laminated fabric
2.  Edge Position Control (EPC) for Unwinding
3. Servo controlling for cutting accuracy
4. Servo motor control transferring after cutting, achieves high quality
inserting and sewing
5. Auto seal, cut and insert the PE film
6. PLC Control, Digital Display (10 inches) for Operation
Monitor and Operation Setting
7. Auto sewing, stacking and counting
8. Simply operation, can be ran by only one worker





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