BX-CVS600 Cutting & Valve Making & Sewing Machine for Woven Bags-Big Valve Maker

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For this machine.The Unwinder is equipped with Auto Elevator to load fabric automatically, easy operation. EPC equipped, dancing Roller control Tension, Inverter control unwinding speed.

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For this machine.The Unwinder is equipped with Auto Elevator to load fabric automatically, easy operation. EPC equipped, dancing Roller control Tension, Inverter control unwinding speed.

Manual & adjustable twisting & Gusset device, easy operation. Step by step gusseting device. Take-up unit controls tension, dancing roller makes gusseting firmly.

Servo Motor controls feeding, Double Cam design for stable running. Mark Sensor to detect printed fabric, Servo control feeding length for non-printing fabric, achieves accurate cutting. Vertical & Heat Cutter with bag mouth open system for normal fabric, cold cutter for Laminated fabric. PLC & Inverter control cutting speed, sync control.

Servo motor transfers woven bag after cutting, achieves precision transferring and stable running, Second Bag Mouth Open to makes sacks open mouth completely, and make Valve easy.

Valve Making by servo control, the size of Valve could be adjusted and the cutting unit to make the Valve Bag match the good sizing and looking.

Two sets of Sewing Heads to sew the bottom and mouth on line. Equipped with single folding device, Inverter control sewing speed, the position of second sewing unit could be adjusted to match different size of sacks. PLC & Inverter for sync control.

Sensor & PLC control, Auto Counting, Stacking & conveyor-belt advancing.


Item Parameter Remarks
Fabric Width 370mm-650mm with Gusset
Max Diameter of Fabric φ1200mm  
Max. Bag Making Speed 30-40pcs/min Bag within 1000mm
Finished Bag Length 700-1000mm

After Valve Cutting, Folding & Sewing

Cutting Accuracy ≤5mm  
Max Valve Size Max 180x360mm Height x Width
Min Valve Size Min 140x280mm Height x Width
Max. Sewing Speed 2000rpm  
Gusset depth 40-45mm As client’s request
Stitch Range Max 12mm  
Folding Width Max 20mm  
Power connection 19.14kw  
Machine weight About 5T  
Dimension (lay-out) 10000x9000x1550mm  


1. On line cutting & Valve Making & Two sides Sewing, could do Cutting & Sewing as well

2. Servo controlling for cutting accuracy

3. On line Twisting & Gusseting

4. Vertical Heat Cut for Normal Fabric, Cold Cutter for Laminated Fabric

5. Edge Position Control (EPC) for Unwinding

6. Servo Manipulator to transfer the Woven Bag after cutting

7. PLC Control, Digital Display for Operation Monitor and Operation Setting

The Different between Big Valve Former Machine and Valve Former Machine

Big Valve Former: Size of Valve has been increased to 18 * 36 and 16 * 32cm, meeting the standards of South American large tube mouth automatic canning machines;

Small Valve Former: Added Unit for Twist and Gusset, which can merge Fabric Twist and Gusset and Cutting and Vlay Former and Sewing together; Size of Small Valve Former is more in line with the small tube mouth size of Asian automatic canning machines.



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