Liner Inserting Machine

1. Which Product Packaging Methods Are Suitable For The Liner Inserting Conversion Machine?

my country's bagging machine has a large market and a wide range of applications. It not only meets the needs of the food, medicine, and beverage industries, but also drives the development of the entire packaging machinery industry and realizes the upgrade of the industrial chain. With the world's call for building a harmonious society, the packaging industry has also begun to move closer to the requirements of environmental protection and achieve pollution-free packaging.


Where is the bagging machine used

Shrink packaging is currently a very popular packaging method. You can see the shadow of heat shrink packaging on products, whether in supermarkets or in daily life, such as: sterilized tableware, beer beverages, cosmetics, honey bottles, red wine, mosquito coil boxes Wait. Heat shrinkable film is generally divided into PE film, POF film and PVC film.

Generally speaking, PE film packaging is often used for beverages and beverages. This film is relatively thick and requires a larger shrinking machine for packaging. After heat shrinking, cold air must be used to shape it, otherwise it will affect the packaging effect; suitable for PE film packaging There are roughly the following types of products: tobacco, beverages, beer, pop cans, insulation materials, cartons, cans, wines, large plates, sheet metal parts and other larger and heavier products.

2. How Does The Liner Inserting Conversion Machine Work?

The bagging machine is a new type of arbitrary combination automatic laminated film-sealing hot bagging machine, which belongs to the film-sealing hot bagging machine. There is a feeding bracket, the upper end of the feeding bracket is equipped with a lower conveyor belt and an upper conveyor belt; the front end of the feeding frame is connected with a laminated feeding bracket, and the front end of the laminated feeding bracket is a sleeve film sealing and cutting mechanism; the laminated feeding bracket is close to the upper and lower conveyors There is a lifting table at the belt, two sides of the upper end of the lifting table are equipped with flipping blades, the top of the lifting table is equipped with a flip start motor, the middle of the stacked feeding bracket is a stacked table; the upper side of the stacked feeding bracket A counting switch that rises to the upper conveyor belt is installed, and the upper end of the laminated feeding bracket is also provided with a bulletproof device for the packaged article near the upper and lower conveyor belts. At work, according to the planned input packaging quantity, it can be any packaging from one item to one hundred or even more items.


Post time: May-20-2023