Cutting & Sewing And Ultrasonic Hemming Machine (With heat and cold cutting)

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Cutting and Sewing :Fabric width(mm)

350 - 750


Folding: Fabric width(mm)

450 - 680


Fabric Cutting Length(mm)

600 - 1200


Cutting precision(mm)

± 1.5


Sewing pitch(mm)

7.0 -10


Sewing speed(pcs/min)

25 - 35


Ultrasonic hemming speed(One Station) (pcs/min)



Ultrasonic hemming speed(Dual Station) (pcs/min)



Main Feature

1. Suitable for non-laminated & laminated fabric

2.Movable heat cutting & cold cutting combination with one button switch over

3. Edge Position Control (EPC) for Unwinding of Fabric. Servo controlling for cutting accuracy. Heat cutting with Two side Bag Mouth Open System equipped.

4. Auto cutting,Folding,Hemming,Stacking and Counting.

5. PLC Control,Digital Display (10 inches) for Operation Monitor and Operation Setting.

6. This machine can be used independently as cutting and sewing machine.

7. Can be equipped with dual station Hemming Unit, greatly improving production speed.

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